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Fanart and Such

I'm not what anyone would consider a huge contributor to any particular fandoms, especially recently, but I do draw fanart and such sometimes, so if you want to browse, here are some pieces... Also included are art I've done for a Pokémon Platinum and a Pokémon Colosseum playthrough, although those get their own section a little later on because 1) there's a lot of them, especially of the former, and 2) I started doing those in 2016/2017? with a mouse, for fun, deliberately trying not to fuss too much about quality, and as a result there's an interesting, if slightly embarassing artistic journey visible there.

For now, let's start with the general fanart:

Undertale and Deltarune

Hollow Knight


Tiger & Bunny


Pokémon Colosseum Playthrough

In contrast to when I played through Pokémon Platinum, I still haven't beaten the main game... and a large chunk of what I've played through I haven't made anything for... I do want to get back to it someday, though. I have a lot of fun making these silly illustrations. For the record, everything here so far was drawn in GIMP, with a tablet.