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Dragonsbayne is a project by Abi, which is also being contributed to by myself and Anders. The official website is here, and that's probably the best place to go for information on it- this webpage is just an archive of art I've done for it, really. Nevertheless, I'll do my best to sum it up.

Dragonsbayne is a story set in a fantasy world, about a young half-dragon girl called Saft struggling to find her place in a world fraught with conflict between species. Her situation is personally complicated by the fact the dragon side of the family are the Goldenscales, a noble and politically important but very troubled family, in no small part due to the action of Saft's psychologically unstable and abusive father. (Meanwhile, the human side is a mystery due to Saft's father killing her mother... It's a long, and traumatic story.) Despite this, Saft is able to befriend a dracophobic human named Corvidan Pleasant, although his family has more than their share of issues as well.

I've contributed a few characters to the story, although all of them show up later in the story than others. In the meantime, here's some stuff I've drawn: